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Dr. McCauley has been practicing medicine for over 30 years in the Valley. He is now offering a Wellness Program to provide patients alternative, but safe and natural choices that will enhance their health and well-being.

He is pleased to offer BioTE® Method for women and men. Patients experiencing depression, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight gain, memory loss, sexual dysfunction, night sweats and hot flashes, joint pains and aches, and memory loss or mental fog have all found improvement in these symptoms by turning to the BioTe wellness program offered by Dr. McCauley.

He combines hormone optimization, nutrition, and thyroid optimization to improve his patients’ life, health and sense of well-being.  He has experienced firsthand how this has improved his own life and the lives of his patients: increased energy and sense of well-being, better sleep, improved mood and anxiety, decrease in joint pain and headaches, improved interpersonal relationships, improved mental clarity, and weight loss.

By offering a safe and natural option for hormone replacement and optimization, Dr. McCauley is not only helping patients to look and feel better, but he is also helping prevent serious medical conditions.  Optimization of hormones has been shown to be beneficial and protective to the brain (prevents Alzheimers, improves memory), heart (prevents cardiac disease and lowers cholesterol), bone (prevents osteoporosis and rebuilds healthy bone), breast and prostate (prevents cancers).

It all starts with a simple blood test which Dr. McCauley reviews with patients to determine their individual needs.  Call his office at (480) 413-0065 or visit to get started!

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